Introduction to

The Black Agenda

The Grassroots Coalition of Birmingham, Alabama, a collective of local grassroots- minded non-profits, professionals, activists, and community leaders, seeks to install a social economy in the City of Birmingham, AL. Given our history of slavery, systemic racism, and ongoing economic oppression, we will highlight and create a “Black Economic Agenda” as a form of restorative justice and as one of the first steps in the installment of a social economy for the Birmingham Metro Area. The creation and promotion of a Black Agenda for the Birmingham Metro Area is important because truth and justice are necessary for the promotion of social cohesion, the practice of cooperation, and for the creation of true community. The Black Agenda will also serve as a best practices model for elected officials, candidates for upcoming elections, coalition members, and concerned citizens.

For your review and consideration, there is a list of initiatives, and proposals that will facilitate the creation of a formal Black Agenda for the City of Birmingham and spark the change required to move the entire Birmingham Metro Area forward as One