4. Transparent, Accountable, and Responsive Local Government

  • - Re-fund and strengthen the city-wide Neighborhood Association
  • - Advocate to revoke the upcoming pay raise the current city council voted in for the next elected city council 2017
  • - Work to rewrite the Mayor/Council Act to maximize the effectiveness of city government
  • - Provide detailed account of all travel and other city sponsored expenses of elected officials and their staff
  • - Research, reform and/or replace relevant city ordinances that are being used to target the black population
  • - Elect grassroots-minded representatives and community organizers as public servants
  • - Require easily accessible information regarding an itemized budget and details on all money (grants. Initiatives, donations, etc.) that are received by the      Mayor or city officials
  • - End all spending of public funds on entertainment and social events for city officials